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Want to establish a strong foundation and gain consistency and confidence? Our clinics are for you! Spots fill quickly, so stay tuned to our Facebook page for any updates! 
  • What types of clinics do you offer?
    Currently, we offer clinics in Reined Cow Horse and Pole Bending. Occasionally these clinics are tailored to a specific group or focus area, so please reach out to us to see if a clinic is the right fit for you and your horse.
  • I want to get better at my event. Should I come for private lessons or attend a clinic?
    Both clinics and private lessons are a great way to learn and grow, so both options are recommended! Clinics are designed to give students a big picture view of their event and provide a clear foundation for both horse and rider to build on. Private lessons are more personalized sessions focused on specific goals or concerns. While Clinics are always a great opportunity to improve, coming for private lessons after a clinic is the best way to solidify the information learned and receive more personalized coaching.
  • What do students learn at a normal clinic?
    All our clinics focus on developing strong horse and rider fundamentals. We believe that a strong foundation is key to future success, no matter what event. Some of our clinics are more advanced than others, so please reach out to us to see if a clinic is the right fit for you and your horse.
  • Would you consider doing a clinic in my area?
    We are always looking for new locations to do clinics, so please reach out to us if you want to set something up in your area! Prices do vary, depending on location and cost of facilities.
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